Quarter Window Glass Spacer

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The Quarter Window Glass Spacer (#62785-47030), a key Toyota Autoparts' Body component in the Back Door Panel & Glass system, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the correct distance and position of the quarter window. Functioning as a shim, the spacer balances the quarter window in its frame, preventing any rattle or vibration while the vehicle is in motion. Genuine Toyota parts are particularly crucial for vehicle compatibility, providing optimal fit and performance. Even this seemingly small part benefits from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, if the spacer wears out, cracks or breaks, the quarter window can become loose, leading to wind noise, water leaks, or even window failure. Thus, periodic replacement of the spacer is critical. In essence, the Quarter Window Glass Spacer (#62785-47030) contributes to the overall comfort, efficiency, and safety of your Toyota vehicle, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62785-47030

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