Quarter Vent Duct Retainer #1

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The Quarter Vent Duct Retainer #1 (#62941-14020), part of the Roof Side Ventilator system in a Toyota vehicle, plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimal temperature inside the car. It holds the vent duct in place, ensuring that air flows efficiently through the duct system. Its function is pivotal to the vehicle's air conditioning and heating functions. However, like any other auto part, the Retainer can wear out, become clogged, or break over time. When compromised, it can adversely affect the air flow, causing the interior of the car to become uncomfortable. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is important. Not only are these parts compatible with your vehicle, but they are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The efficient functioning of the Quarter Vent Duct Retainer #1 (#62941-14020) contributes significantly to the overall comfort and safety of the vehicle's occupants by maintaining a controlled temperature inside the car.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62941-14020

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