Side Window Glass Lock Plate

About this product

The Side Window Glass Lock Plate (#62918-28020), a crucial body part in Toyota's Side Window system, performs the primary function of securing the side window glass in place. This lock plate securely holds the glass, preventing it from shaking or falling out while the vehicle is in motion. When the Side Window Glass Lock Plate (#62918-28020) becomes old or broken, it can compromise the stability of the window, leading to potential damage or even loss of the window glass. Thus, periodic replacement of this component is necessary to maintain the integrity and function of the side window system. Genuine Toyota parts are designed with precise compatibility in mind, and the Side Window Glass Lock Plate (#62918-28020) is no exception. Moreover, these authentic parts come with the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-functioning Side Window Glass Lock Plate (#62918-28020) provides safety and enhances the overall efficiency of the Side Window system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62918-28020

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