Exhaust Tail Pipe Assembly with Actuator

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The Exhaust Tail Pipe Assembly with Actuator (#17440-0H030), a critical part in the Engine-Fuel category, plays a vital operational role in the exhaust pipe system. This Toyota Autoparts piece is key in controlling the release of exhaust gases from the engine, ensuring efficient operation and contributing to environmental safety. This assembly includes an actuator that mechanically opens or closes the exhaust pathway, thereby determining the rate of exhaust gas release. Given the continuous exposure to high temperatures and corrosive gases, the tail pipe assembly necessitates periodic replacement. A worn-out or clogged assembly can restrict the flow of exhaust gases, leading to increased back pressure, reduced engine efficiency, and potentially damaging other engine components. Opting for genuine Toyota parts ensures vehicle compatibility and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This component, when maintained, enhances system efficiency by ensuring smooth exhaust flow, thereby contributing to the overall performance and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17440-0H030

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