Side Window Lock Pad

About this product

The Side Window Lock Pad (#62916-60010), a key Body part in the Side Window system of your Toyota vehicle, plays a pivotal role in securing your vehicle's side windows. This component locks the window in place, preventing any unwanted movement while the vehicle is in motion. In essence, the Side Window Lock Pad (#62916-60010) controls the up-and-down movement of the window, ensuring it's secure and stable at all times. Over time, this part may wear out or break due to frequent use, potentially causing the window to become unstable or non-functional. This could lead to safety risks and reduce the efficiency of your vehicle's side window system. Using a genuine Side Window Lock Pad (#62916-60010) is crucial to maintain compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and for the part to function optimally. Genuine Toyota parts are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering you peace of mind. In conclusion, the Side Window Lock Pad (#62916-60010) is a crucial part that significantly contributes to the safety and efficiency of a vehicle's Side Window system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62916-60010

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