Side Heater Cover

About this product

The Side Heater Cover (#62588-0C010-B0), a vital Body part in the Inside Trim Board system, plays a primary role in protecting the side heater from damage. Positioned strategically, it ensures the heater operates optimally by warding off debris and foreign objects. It is also designed to enhance compatibility with the vehicle, especially when you use genuine Toyota parts. As with most auto parts, the Side Heater Cover (#62588-0C010-B0) needs periodic replacement. Over time, it may wear out, become clogged with dirt, or break. A non-functional or old cover might expose the side heater to potential damage, affecting the vehicle's heating system. Including the Side Heater Cover (#62588-0C010-B0) in regular maintenance checks promotes overall system efficiency and safety. It's an investment that comes with peace of mind since genuine Toyota parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62588-0C010-B0

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