Dome Lamp Bracket #2

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The Dome Lamp Bracket #2 (#63138-12011), a crucial component in Toyota's Body Roof Panel & Back Panel and Body Roof Panel & Back Window Glass systems, serves a vital role in securing the dome light in place. As the vehicle operates, the bracket steadily holds the dome lamp, ensuring consistent illumination within the vehicle cabin. Genuine Toyota Dome Lamp Bracket #2 (#63138-12011)s are essential for maintaining vehicle compatibility and come backed by Toyota's trusted parts warranty. Over time, this key component may deteriorate or break, which could lead to a loose or unsteady dome light, diminishing the quality of interior illumination. Regular replacement of the Dome Lamp Bracket #2 (#63138-12011) is thus fundamental to maintaining the optimal function and safety of the lighting system within the vehicle. Its proper operation contributes to the overall safety and comfort of passengers, enhancing visibility within the vehicle's interior.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63138-12011

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